Shiv Adhar along with his brother  Ram Adhar started the shop. Vinod Kumar Tripathi, S/o Shiv Adhar was also known as Raja and so the shop became popular as ‘Raja Thandai’. He had a distinguishable personality, as he was a pehelwan and judo player. Now the 4th generation in making thandai, which is  owned by Raj Kumar Tripathi and Ashish Kumar Tripathi. The shop is very famous for its milk based thandai. The drink is made with a range of ingredients like kesar, badam, kaju, pista, white pepper, choti elaichi, saunf & secret masala ( it includes herbs / jadi bootiyan which increases the strength of the body ). There is strong flavor of fennel (or saunf) and is a good cool drink on a hot day. Even doctors prescribe thandai for treatment of acute diseases. Thandai is also a favourite drink in Holi ! Famous visitors at the shop are A B Vajpayee, Dilip Kumar, Kamlavati Tripathi, Raj Babbar, Sanjay Dutt, Reena Rai, Lalji  Tandon, etc.