‘Lucknow Ki Shaan, Azhar Bhai Ka Paan’. The same is 100% true when we talk about the paan and its various varieties to be offered. Azhar Paan is the most popular destination after having delicious food at Tunday, Rahim, Mubeen, Idris, etc….all in same locality. The shop was started by Khail Bhai and Bashir Bhai about 80 years back. Azhar Bhai now is managing the shop from about 40 years and representing the third generation in business. He started working at the age of 12 years and now he proudly claims his shop to be the best shop for paan in the city with maximum varieties of paan. The various paan ka patta used by him are desi paan, disauri paan, mahauba paan, banarsi paan. Various varieties of paan available at his shop are pistai paan, badami paan, zafrani paan, saunfiya paan, pethe ka paan, aonle ka paan, begum pasand, wajid ali shah ki shahi gillauri, haazme ka paan, seene me dard ka paan, khattha meetha paan, shahi meetha paan, palang tod paan, etc. He also uses mushq daana (rarely used by others ), shahi goli (old and better quality tobacco), jahezi dali, desi kattha, desi elaichi, supari, gulqand, murabba, karaunda, etc. His special stall in marriages and parties is a big attraction in Lucknow city. He is invited at the Lucknow Mahotsava for a stall to exhibit the tradition of paan. He also participates in various festivals across India representing Lucknow. Famous people at his shop are Daler Mehndi, Manoj Bajpai, Raza Murad, etc to name a few !