Mirza Muhammad Hadi Ruswa ( 1857 – 21st October 1931)

Eik Tum Hi Nahi Tanha Ulfat Mein Meri Ruswa,
Is Shaher Mein Tum Jaise Deewane Hazaro Hai

Born in Lucknow, he was poet as well as writer of fiction and plays. Ruswa was expert in science, mathematics, religion, philosophy & astronomy. He was well-versed in Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, English, Greek and other languages. His novel Umrao Jaan Ada published in 1905, is considered as one of the best Urdu novel. It is also one of the 13 Urdu books which have been translated as part of the ‘UNESCO collection of Representative Works’. Two Indian films in 1981 & 2006 along with one Pakistani film and serial in 1972 & 2003 respectively have been made on the novel. His other compositions are Laila Majnu, Afshai Raaz, Zaat-e Shareef, Shareef Zada, Akhtari Begum. After a short term of government service, he was also employed at Christian College, Lucknow. He is also credited with the invention of shorthand in Urdu along with Urdu keyboard of typewriter. He lived in Golaganj, Lucknow and his grave is in Turk-bazar qabristan, Hyderabad.