Janab Asif Ali Mirza is in continuation to the 5th generation from the last king of Awadh – Wajid Ali Shah. He is the royal scion of Awadh who lives in Metiabruz, Kolkata.

Asif Jah Mohammad Kishwar Ali Mirza S/o Akhtar Jah S/o Asif Jah S/o Asman Jah S/o Wajid Ali Shah Of Oudh (Wajid Ali Shah, 1822 – 1887 was the 5th King of Awadh, holding the position from 13th February 1847 to 7th February 1856. His kingdom, was eventually annexed on 7th February 1856 and the Nawab was exiled to Metiabruz, Kolkata where he lived out the rest of his life.)

Founder LUCKNOW Society has the privilege to greet him when he was on his visit to Lucknow ! LUCKNOW Society salutes the royal icon for being the living legend & request him to bring back the golden legacy back to Lucknow.