For the past 6 decades Ram Advani is a big name in Lucknow, some of the few beautiful reasons behind the marvelous contribution of the Grand Old Man :

> If you a book lover & in search of books of any topic, Ram Advani is the right place in the city.
> All the Lucknow fans, attention please… This is the place which will update you for all the books on Lucknow
> National & International celebrities / historians / authors / etc visit the store in search of the latest books
> Favourite spot for the book- minded people to discuss the literature & other current topics
> Ganjing is complete only after your visit to the book store which is in the historic building of Mayfair cinema

Founder LUCKNOW Society has the priviledge to meet the legend who is close to complete his grand century & is active daily in his book store and serving all the people who are in search of the books. We salute the intellectual for being the guide & friend of people and making alive the habit & culture of literary activities!