“Rut Aam Ki Aai Aur Na Ho Yaar,
Jee Apna Hai Aisi Rut Se Bezaar” – Ghalib

➢ Awarded Padma Shri for his immense contribution in mango grafting & cultivation.
Probably he is only person who has been awarded with Padma Shri for Mangoes.
➢ He developed more than 300 varieties of mangoes in a single tree !
➢ Developed some unique mango varieties with beautiful names like heart-shaped Asl-ul Muqarrar, the bright red Husn-e Ara, Sharbati Bagrain, Pukhraj, Walajah Pasand, Khas-ul Khas, Makkhan, Shyam Sunder, Prince, Himsagar, etc.
➢ Aishwarya, Sonia, Sachin, Akhilesh are some of the mango varieties he has developed & named after famous Indian personalities.
➢ Awarded with more than 300 awards for mango grafting & cultivation.
➢ Limca book of records also records his achievement.
➢ Government of UP has titled him as ‘Udyan Pandit’.
➢ He is only 6th standard pass & he is not shy in saying that he failed in the 7th standard.
➢ Started mango cultivation in 1957, which was his family business since 150 years.
➢ Owner of Abdullah Nursery & 14 acre orchard which posses some of the rarest mango trees of more than 100 years old.
➢ Started 7th July as ‘World Mango Day’.
➢ Promotes mango tourism & recently ambassadors of 14 countries visited him at Malihabad.
➢ He is a regular visitor across the nation & globe to guide people about mangoes.
➢ His place at Malihabad holds the record for being the host of several celebrities from across the world.
➢ Mr Tajeshwar, former Governor UP was very fond of mangoes and named 3 varieties as Anarkali, Jahan Ara & Naintara. Mr Khan proudly told us that Governor gifted him Rs. 25,000 as prize money.
➢ Rightly considered as ‘Father of Mango Grafting’.
➢ Also known as ‘Mango Man’ / ‘Aam Aadmi’.

Founder LUCKNOW Society has the priviledge to meet Kalimullah Sb and taste the Anarkali variety developed by him which is one of the the rarest mango having 2 chilke, 2 gooda & 2 taste [ sounds strange but truly amazing ]. For him mangoes are more important to him than his children, he want to spread the message that if 300 varieties of mango can exist in a single tree then why we human fight for petty issues ? LUCKNOW Society salutes Padma Shri Haji Kalimullah Khan for putting the name of Malihabad & Lucknow on top of the globe for mangoes!

“Namaah Koi Na Yaar Ka Paighaam Bhejiye,
Iss Fasal Mein Jo Bhejiye Bas Aam Bhejiye,
Aise Zaroor Hon Ki Unhein Rakh Ke Kha Sakoon,
Pukhtah Agar Hon Bees To Das Khaam Bhejiye,
Maaloom Hi Hai Aapko Bande Ka Address,
Seedhe Allahabad Mere Naam Bhejiye,
Aisa Na Ho Ki Aap Kahein Jawaab Mein,
Taameel Hogi Pehle Magar Daam Bhejiye” – Akbar Allahabadi

( Namah = Document, Pukhtah = Pakka hua, Khaam = Kacha, Taameel = Execution, Daam = Cost )