Is Tarah Mere Gunaaho Ko Woh Dho Deti Hai,
Maa Bahut Gusse Mein Hoti Hai To Ro Deti Hai !

Munawwar Rana is an Urdu poet & writer and is considered as one of the most successful poets at Mushairas across Globe. Born on 26th November 1952 in Rae Bareli, UP, he has taken the flair of literature from Kolkata & Lucknow ! His poetry is being published in Urdu, Hindi, Bangla and many other languages. His poetry is simple but very appealing as he uses common words & idioms. He avoids using flowery language, which is a reason that he is popular with everybody.

Tumhare Shaher Mein Mayyat Ko Sab Kandha Nahi Dete,
Humare Gaon Mein Chappar Bhi Sab Milkar Uthate Hai!

The notable feature of his poetry is that he used the genre of ghazal to eulogise mother, which is unique, as ghazal was earlier considered a poetic form in which lovers ( mehboob) conversed with each other. Rana has attained wide acclaim for his couplets ( sher ) on ‘Maa’. They have been compiled and published by people in many scripts. According to him“Agar Tulsi Ke Mehboob Ram Ho Sakte Hain, To Meri Maa Meri Mehboob Kyu Nahi Ho Sakti”. In fact, most of the sher-o- shayari we read today on facebook or in SMS on Maa are the creations of Munawwar Rana ! Maa book has been reprinted with 21 editions and more than 1 lac copies of the same are sold in Hindi only, Urdu & other language figures are extra. Mr Iqbal Hussain has published the same in Pakistan also. A supporter of simplistic poetry, Munawwar has been credited with bringing a change in Urdu poetry with his works on Maa, a series of poems reflecting the relationship between the mother and her kids.

Labon Par Uske Kabhi Bad-dua Nahi Hoti,
Bas Eik Maa Hai Jo Kabhi Khafa Nahi Hoti !

Apart from his poetry on mother, he is also famous for writing Ghazals on the society, politics, and on the country. He has used his pen on every relevant topic which touches the daily life of every person. He is credited in writing numerous book & articles related to poetry & culture. Students are now doing their Ph D on Munawwar Rana, which shows the depth of intellect in his personality. He is of the opinion that “It’s great to see so many youngsters put their poetic skills to test. They are the future generation and we need to support their learning of languages. Many languages that are spoken today will face the test of time and soon they will be extinct”. Several awards have been given to him but he is so humble & modest that he never care for such recognitions.

Lahoo Kaise Bahaya Jaaye Ye Leader Batate Hain,
Lahoo Ka Zaiqa Kaisa Hai Yeh Khaadi Batati Hai !

Founder LUCKNOW has the privilege to meet Munawwar Rana at his home and discuss some fine aspects of poetry with him. LUCKNOW Society Salutes Munawwar Rana for being/ having……a pen in his hand posed like a sword. The paper is his canvas and the words his colours. Just like a painter mixes his paints to get different shades, he mixed his words to get the taste of how richer literature has got since its origin by some creative person!

Abhi Zinda Hai Maa Meri Mujhe Kuch Bhi Nahi Hoga,
Main Jab Ghar Se Nikalta Hoon Dua Bhi Saath Chalti Hai!