New Royal Book Company, having its base at Lucknow is one of the leading trade publishers covering wide range of subjects. The Company is involved into publishing and distribution across most of the Universities in India & overseas as well. These books are a must for those people who love reading and also for the students preparing for various competitions including civil services !

The brothers, Mr Imran Mirza & Mr Mirza Furqan Beg started with a humble beginning of Library Supplies in mid 80’s, the company NRBC came up with its own publication on Anthropology in 1995. The rest is history & they never looked back. Today New Royal Book Company ( NRBC ) features to publish around 150 titles in both forms of hard-back and paper-back. The aim of the Company is to launch and encourage emerging authors along with the books authored by some of the very established and reputed personalities in various fields.

The Company has also alliances with many foreign publishers to facilitate the translation & publication of some of the very rare publications of Persian. Wide range of books have also been published for the cause of languages in Urdu, Hindi & Sanskrit. Mr Imran Mirza & Mr Mirza Furqan Beg are also dedicated in promoting the cause of education in Lucknow.

NRBC is the only publishing house based of Lucknow and which has published the maximum number of authentic books on Lucknow by the reputed authors like Dr Roshan Taqui, Dr H A Qureshi, Nikhat Parveen, etc . Some of the legendary books related to Lucknow are Lucknow 1857, Images of Lucknow, Sources on Awadh, 1857 Urdu Sources, The Mughals The English & The Rulers of Awadh, 1857 Classics Vol 1 & Vol 2, The Mutiny Records Awadh and Lucknow, Sufis Classics Vol 1 & Vol 2, Glimpses of Deccan and Awadh 1193-1976, The Flickers of an Independent Nawabi, Socio Economic Condition of Awadh 1814-1856, Memoirs of Faizabad (1722-1781) Part 1 & (1782-1818) Part 2, Socio Economic Condition of Awadh 1814-1856, etc.

Founder LUCKNOW society met the Mirza brothers at his office at Lalbagh, Lucknow & discussed with them their future assignments. They are planning to open their online book store & their books will be available at e-books also. More books on Lucknow is also another future agenda. LUCKNOW Society Salutes Mr Imran Mirza & Mr Mirza Furqan Beg for promoting Lucknow, their authors and providing books for book-lovers & students. We wish them all the very best !