“Samundar Teri Yeh Khaamoshian Kuch Aur Kehti Hain,
Magar Saahil Par Tooti Kashtiyaan Kuch Aur Kehti hain,
Hum Ahl-e Shahar Ki Khwahish Ki Miljul Kar Rahein Lekin,
Ameer-e Shahar Ki Dilchaspiaan Kuch Aur Kehti hain”

Khushbir Singh Shaad is one of the true representative of the ‘Lucknow School of Urdu Poetry’ which we have in this 21st century ! He is also an ambassador of the Ganga – Jamuni Tehzeeb of Lucknow ! He is an alumni of Christ Church college, CMS & KKV Lucknow. His father was interested that that the young Khushbir should be associated with the printing press at Alambagh area where he lived but the destiny for this young man was at somewhere else. He was always interested in Literature & that too poetry reading. Initially he read all the great poets which were available in Devnagri script & his passion forced him to learn the Urdu language which he did from Sultan Khan Sb who was his tutor.

“Hain Pao Kisi Paed Ki Manind Zameen Mein,
Aur Khwahish-e Parvaaz Parindo Ki Tarah Hai”

Aminabad was the hub, where always the literary gatherings were happening & Shaad Sb first recited this sher to the poet Waali Aasi. The later was so impressed that he made him his shagird and it started the grooming of the Urdu poetry within Shaad Sb. We owe it to Waali Aasi that he has given us a lot in literature & the beautiful Urdu poetry promimently through his 5 shagirds in 5 different styles – Khushbir Singh Shaad, Munawwar Rana, Raes Ansari, Bharat Bhushan Pant, Iqbal Ansari !

“Kyu Apni Tarah Jeene Ka Andaaz Chor Dein,
Kia Hai Hamare Paas Is Andaaz Ke Siwa”

His first book ‘Jane kab yeh mausam badle’was released in 1992. Since then he never looked back and his further books are Geeli mitti, Chalo kuch rang hi bikherein, Zara yeh dhoop dhal jae, Be-Khwabiyaan, Jahan tak zindagi hai, Bikharne se zara pehle, Lahoo ki dhoop. He is an Urdu poet & his books are released in both Urdu & Hindi for the convenience of the readers. Mahesh Bhatt is a big fan of him and songs of the film Dhoka were written by him. Ghalib, Sahir, Faiz, Firaq, Majaz, Irfan Siddiqui are the personal favourites of Shaad Sb. His contributions are regular in almost all newspapers & journals. ‘Shab Khoon’, the release by Shams-ur Rehman Faruqi captures the lovely contributions of Shaad Sb. He has been bestowed with several awards & the recent one is Anjuman-e Tariqqi-e Urdu award. Shaad Sb is very popular in foreign countries also for the Mushairas !

“Kisi Takhleeq Ke Paikar Mein Aana Chahta Hoon,
Tasawwur Hoon Kahin Apna Thikana Chahta Hoon,
Isi Khaatir To Yeh Sinf-e Sukhan Meinne Chuni Hai,
Ki Jo Mehsoos Karta Hoon Batana Chahta Hoon”

Founder LUCKNOW Society met him recently & discussed with him the glorious past and the present situation of poetry & Urdu in the city. Shaad Sb is of the opinion that Urdu of Lucknow is still the best version found in the Globe with most refined Lehja, Alfaaz & Talaffuz ! LUCKNOW Society Salutes Khushbir Singh Shaad for being one of the most intellectual & true poet of Urdu as well as in Hindi. We are proud that Khushbir Singh Shaad is better popular as a genius poet of Lucknow !

“Yeh Tera Taj Nahi Hamari Pagdi Hai,
Yeh Sar Ke Sath Utregi Sar Ka Hissa Hai”