The people of Lucknow love to go ‘ganjing’. Ganjing is a term used to describe leisurely, aimless amblings in the wide lanes and bylanes of city’s most posh and happening market – Hazratganj, a place of beauty, romance and heartbreak. Hazratganj was established by Nawab Amjad Ali Shah who was also called ‘Hazrat’. It appears that the name Hazratganj has roots in its name Hazrat. After the death of Nawab Amjad Ali Shah on 13th February 1847, his son Nawab Wajid Ali Shah got constructed an Imambara in the centre of Hazratganj. It is called Sibtainabad Imambara.

In the year 1857, Hazratganj was got destroyed due to fights between freedom fighters and English. During the year 1860, it was re-established and road of Hazratganj was made wide. At that time, shops for fashionable items developed there and many shopkeepers used to live above their shops. The best restaurants, the three main cinemas Prince of Wales, Capitol and Mayfair were there. The modern Hazratganj has Cathedral Church, Coffee House, Sahu Cinema, GPO and Christ Church. People used to flock there every evening for time pass and dating. Love lane was an impotant destination. The purpose of ganjing is still to promenade, to stop and chat with friends, to go for dating, to admire each others’ clothes and shoes, to dawdle, have a katori chaat or roadside golgappas or a coffee, a leisurely browse in a bookshop. To connect with fellow lucknowites and feel reassured that all is well with their city and its chosen pace of life !

Credit : Contributor Member – Mohsina Mirza