“Kya Kahe Ahl-e Dil Ke Liye Kya Hai Lucknow,
Har Shaher Har Dayar Se Acha Hai Lucknow,
Tehzeeb Koi Meri Nazar Mein Jachegi Kia,
Meri Nigah-e Shauq Ne Dekha Hai Lucknow!” – Ahsan Alvi Kakorvi

Dr. Roshan Taqui is the historian of Lucknow who has done the most commendable work on Lucknow. He is alumni of AMU & awarded Ph.D from Lucknow University on ‘Lucknow Monuments – Preservation, Conservation Solutions’. He has expertise in maintenance of monuments, renovation of old buildings & construction of all kinds of buildings over head tank, reservoir water supply, sewerage, etc.

His 13 books [ Lucknow Dastavez, Lucknow – 1857, Images of Lucknow, Conservation of Lucknow Monuments, Lucknow Monuments – Conservation Problems & Solution, Hazrat Mahel, Bani, Chanchal, Lucknow Ki Bhand Parampara, 1857 Ke Baad Lucknow Ki Barbadi, Lucknow Ka Shia Samaj, Lucknow Ka Pehla Krantikari, etc ] have been published, all being related to Lucknow and are widely appreciated by the people and more than 100 libraries are credited with the same. He has done also great job in translating many books in Hindi & Urdu. 42 research papers on Lucknow have also been published by him. He has also written 8 plays & directed 13 plays! He is a very known personality for any event / seminar related to Lucknow for his notable lectures.

Nowadays, many people have claimed themselves to be the historians of Lucknow & started writing books on Lucknow with wrong information & without any proper research & which in most of the cases are even published by themselves only and that ultimately leads to wrong history circulated to the people through their books & articles.

Founder LUCKNOW Society has the priviledge to meet Dr. Roshan Taqui & discuss about the monuments of Lucknow. LUCKNOW Society salutes Dr. Roshan Taqui for being the most authentic source on Lucknow History & for his outstanding contribution through his books, articles, plays, translations, research papers & lectures on Lucknow. He is perfectly awarded with ‘Shaan-e-Awadh’ for which he deserves equally!