Christmas in Hazratganj, Lucknow

Christmas in Lucknow is one of the most important festival that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Like all the other parts of the world, Christmas in Lucknow is celebrated on 25th December. The day marks the birth of Lord Jesus. The festival is marked with a lot of merrymaking and revelry. People from all the communities in Lucknow join hands to celebrate the festival. Moreover, Lucknow Christmas celebrations begin with the singing of Christmas carols, which is followed by offering prayers in the church and exchanging gifts. Lucknowhites like to enjoy Christmas evening taking a stroll in the Hazratganj, popularly known as Ganjing. All youngsters and children enjoy the Christmas eve in Hazratganj and the comfort and happiness it brings along with it. And let’s not forget Santa Claus. Every shopkeeper is dressed up as Santa Uncle and distributes sweets and gifts. Vendors selling flowers, candles and Santa caps adds to the Yuletide ambience. The aroma of Plum cakes compelled many Lucknowhites to pay a visit to the house of their friends. Cathedral is the most beautiful place of worship in Lucknow. The building houses a huge hall in the lower basement, a chapel, a library and the convent of the sisters. It is one of the best Cathedral you will get to see in India, located in Hazratganj, it is a landmark of Lucknow city.The city gets together at midnight masses to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The festive spirit of the season has caught on and Christmas trees, the quintessential boughs of holly as well as recreation of the nativity scene, with the crib and the manger, can be seen in homes as well as churches or chapels. Cathedral displays the new colourful statues depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, made up of fibre. The statues represent the characters of the play and are of baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, three kings, shepherd, sheep and cow…..!

Credit : Contributor Member – Mohsina Mirza